For behind the scenes pics of the Maserati 3200GT that we did for the TV show and video clips, please see our Facebook page.

As we can now rebuild the worn electronic throttle body of the Maserati 3200GT using the latest contactless throttle position sensor on site, we can now offer a same day service.

Contactless throttle position sensors mean that your throttle body will never wear out again. The all inclusive price includes fitting, clearing any errors from the car's ECU, and resetting the self-adaptive parameters using our Maserati factory diagnostic equipment. We can also do mail order.

New for 2014 - We can now supply rebuilt 3200GT ABS ECUs on exchange to existing or new customers.

Welcome to , Hampshire and the Solent area's only Nineties and Naughties specialist.

What you won't find is a gleaming city centre showroom that's all smiles, high hourly labour rates, and no real knowledge of your car if it's older than five years.

What you will find is a small, well equipped workshop with the skills - and most importantly - the enthusiasm for 1990s and 21st century Italian sports and performance cars, in an easy to find rural location between Southampton and Portsmouth.

Both our vehicle lifts are made by the Italian firm of Ravaglioli - perfect for your Italian car, and a Blackhawk body jig for those "oops, what tree?" moments and minor body repairs. However, for major bodywork we would recommend an outstanding local body shop that produces consistently high quality work.

We have the very latest factory Fiat/Alfa Romeo Examiner Smart computer diagnostic system, and the factory Maserati/Ferrari Sistema Diagnosi 2 (SD2) computer diagnostic system, as well as lots more for the older cars (Fiat/Marelli Tester for older Alfas, Fiats, Lancia Delta Integrales and obscure stuff like the Lancia Ferrari Thema 8.32 and the Marielli Unitest 5000 for the first generation of electronic fuel injected Maseratis).

Examiner SmartOur Examiner Smart has all the various accessories as supplied to official Alfa Romeo and Fiat franchised dealers, so can perform all forms of diagnostics on these cars including resetting airbag lights, debugging and adjusting Selespeed gearboxes, resetting service reminders and so on for cars up to the present day.

Our Sistema Diagnosi 2 (SD2) system is the official dealer diagnostic system for the V8 cars, both Maserati - 3200GT, 4200GT, Gransport, Quattroporte, GranTourismo, and Coupe. We also have the Ferrari dealer software for 348, 456, 550, F50, 355, 360, Enzo, 575, 512TR, and Mondial. With Maserati dashboards often lighting up like Piccadilly Circus whenever you turn the ignition key, be reassured that we will be able to quickly track down the cause and rectify it before it becomes an expensive problem, or just turn off an annoying airbag warning light that's come on because you've had a flat battery one morning...

Having the right diagnostic equipment for these cars is vital, especially if there is something wrong as it can pinpoint the problem quickly and accurately avoiding the expensive "replace everything until it's fixed" philosophy of the non-specialist garage. If considering using another independent specialist, ask them if they have this equipment. If they don't, walk away...

We don't supply parts unless we're working on your car - there are more than enough reputable specialists for that, and links to their sites are in the "Links" section of the menu to the left.

We don't sell cars - but, we do help people to buy cars, either by inspecting prospective purchases or providing advice on what to look for.

We use Selenia oil products as recommended by Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Maserati. Click on "Selenia Oils" on the menu to find out more.

When your car is serviced please don't forget to order a top-up 2 litre pack of Selenia oil to maintain the quality of your car. Selenia oil is not available through motor factors, garage forecourts, or Halfords, but only through some main dealers and a few specialists such as us.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to call or eMail us at:

But, please put "[RAA]" in the subject heading so that it will get through our Spam filters. We used to get over 1000 spam eMails a day and some genuine eMails are not getting through.

Or call on:

01329 834016 (24Hr Answerphone if no-one is in, or we're stuck under your car)

Or text on:

077 8755 7408 - (Due to a poor signal, voice doesn't really work on this one, so text only please)

We are usually available between:

9:30am - 6:00pm Monday
9:30am - 6:00pm Tuesday
9:30am - 6:00pm Wednesday
9:30am - 6:00pm Thursday
9:30am - 6:00pm Friday
10:30am - 12:30pm Saturday (By Arrangement Only)

Although vehicles can occasionally be dropped off or collected outside of these hours by arrangement. By arrangement, I mean that you have to let us know first by eMail, not just turn up at 8am and hope that someone will be here. They won't be unless you tell us first, and you'll be hanging around for an hour. In particular, I've got to take my son to college in the morning and usually am not back until 9:30.

But, please call before coming round as we're usually so busy that there isn't always somewhere to park unless we make some space for you beforehand.

Directions here DO NOT USE GPS! It won't be able to find us as we have a postcode that has been assigned to a number of scattered farmhouses and cottages and most GPS systems will take you to the wrong place. So, please, follow our directions. And really do read all the directions. If you end up in the farm next door they'll shout at you as they're fed up with people getting stuck trying to turn round on their driveway.

We're very friendly, won't try to talk down to you or patronise you, and are happy to give advice.

What's in a name? Well, we used to be called "Roberts Aerospace and Automotive" as before cars, we maintained warplanes and designed airliners. And still do, occasionally. So, if we're good enough for Airbus, Boeing, and the RAF, we can keep your Alfa 147 on the road!

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